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Living Spaces

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    It is my belief that we each put our soul into a home. The design, the layout of the rooms, the colors, the pictures we hang, the lights that illuminate our paths or our bed-side tables each say something about us. It involves vision, artistry and a clear understanding of the people who will use the "Living Spaces." I can help you insure that your soul fills your home easily.

Renovation Management

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    Many of us have a home we dearly love. We like everything about it. Except… Perhaps it feels a bit too small. Or a bit too large. Maybe a room needs to be updated or expanded. You would like a more convenient layout of the kitchen. Another sink in the bathroom. A walk-in shower instead of a tub. That’s all doable. But there’s more involved than just painting with new colors or hanging different drapes. How do you go about making a room exactly what you dream it can be? When you’re thinking like this, my renovation design services can be of benefit to you. I am neither an architect nor a contractor. I don’t need to be. What I do is to bridge the gap between these two disciplines. By providing feedback on what needs to be done structurally and ascetically to optimize the use of your home’s space, bring out its beauty and enhance its overall harmony, I can help you understand what the possibilities are. I can help you clarify your vision for a special space. Here are some examples of what I've done for some of my clients.

Across From Central Park

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    Historic Cottage in Old Louisville, one of two built side-by-side in late 1800's for two sisters. Located directly across from Central Park, one can walk to tennis courts, Shakespeare in the Park, St. James Art Show. Photography by David Stewart / Ad Cat Media

Mid-City Modern Turn Around

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    Built in 1940 as an artist's studio by W. M. Culter for his wife, the artist, Murah Culter, this property has been redesigned as a single family home. Photos by David Stewart / Ad Cat Media

A Completed Project!

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    These are the "Before" and "After" pictures from a project. What a wonderful space! I transformed this beautiful, light and airy condo into something new and exciting!

Another Completed Project!

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    This is a staging project I did for Deborah Stewart. Deborah is a real estate agent and investor with an eye for houses that can become homes and a passion to bring cut-up or abused houses back to a home with all the comforts. The house had served many years as a rooming house. A lot of work had to be done repair the damage from neglect and to convert the house back to a single-family dwelling. The replacement windows came out; period windows went back in. Original brass fixtures, hidden by layers of paint over the years, were being stripped and polished. The kitchen was completely new; the second floor had heating and cooling. Once the construction dust was cleared away, Deborah had restored an absolutely perfect 1918 Arts & Crafts Bungalow. That's when I worked by magic.

Testimonials For Living Spaces By Lyn

  • Deborah Stewart - Realtor - Louisville, KY
    "No one has a better eye for space and color than Lyn Mabry. As a real estate agent I can tell you initial impressions matter and Lyn has helped me transform houses to get them "market" ready. Her touch is invaluable."
  • Kathy Greene - Nashville, TN
    "I moved into the home of my dreams—lots of light and high ceilings. Having known Lyn for decades, I asked her to come over and help me with my decorating. I turned over all my artwork and travel memorabilia, which had been collected over my lifetime, and just asked her to “arrange it.” I particularly was stumped by the hall powder room; everything I attempted looked too contrived. Lyn suggested that she hang my entire collection of Russian artifacts and paintings. She had several pictures reframed and intermixed the pictures with sconces holding the artifacts. It’s a Wow! Also she selected most of the colors for the different rooms as I had some favorites I wanted to use again. Everyone has commented on the colors, the arrangements on the shelves, and the art on the walls. Then they pay Lyn the biggest compliment; they ask, “Did you do this all by yourself?” The last thing I wanted my home to reflect was the skill of a decorator. I wanted my personality to be revealed in my home decor and Lyn achieved that. Yes, I do confess and give her the credit."
  • Jim and Vickie W. - Louisville, KY
    "Lyn worked with us on a complete kitchen remodel, including taking out a load bearing wall. The results are fabulous. Lyn is a wonderful collaborator so that the space reflects our vision and our lifestyle - it's unique, the design is an excellent use of space, and it's a great place to hang out. We love it!"
  • Amanda Forsting – Louisville, KY
    "Lyn has a magical quality about how she sees space. It's as if she instinctively knows how to take what exists and improve it. This may require moving furniture from one room to another, purchasing a specific object or image to ground a space, or suggest color to create interest in a room that has become stale. What I really admire about Lyn is her desire to use what means something to me and recreate the space so that it represents my families' personality. We live in our home but want it to be joyful and serene. Lyn has the skill and creative eye to make this possible."
  • Juliet Reising | Chief Financial Officer | Atlanta, GA
    "Lyn can take the ordinary and make it look so special, always warm & inviting, without spending a lot of money. We have lived in our home for almost 30 years and in the past year, we have done some updating. But the complements that I am getting from almost everyone that sees the changes are a result of the all the many different changes that Lyn orchestrated. These include the color selection for painting majority of rooms, the arrangement of furniture & accessories, the de- cluttering especially of my grown children's high school memento themed bedrooms and the beautiful arrangement of pictures, paintings & wall coverings, most of which we already had. I don't do anything in the decorating arena without consulting Lyn- even if I have a good idea, she will make it better. And that's the truth!"

A Matter Of Design - Interior

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    What happens when you buy a home you absolutely love? Except for one thing… I received a call from some newcomers to Louisville. They had purchased a charming, older house in the Highlands. The floor plan was very traditional; that suited the new owners completely. The home was absolutely charming. Their only problems with the home came with the small bedrooms, all on second floor. Plus there was no master bath or any large closets. They consulted with local architect Mary Herd Jackson and came up with a novel solution. The foot print of the house could be extended “gracefully” into the existing backyard. The addition would include a master suite, complete with a separate foyer area, his and her closets, walk-in shower, large vanity, and an entry hall with spacious master bedroom. The addition also included a cozy, screened-in porch.

A Quick Sale

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    This beautiful home shows examples of each of my skills; Design Renovation, Design & Staging. The home was offered for sale in the Clifton neighborhood of Louisville, KY. I'm proud to announce that this home had the first offer come in the day after it went on the market! That offer was not what the owner was looking for. Roughly two weeks later, a second offer came in. That offer was accepted and the house sold! Making a home look good really works! Photography by David Stewart / Ad Cat Media


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    Just as each home is made of different rooms, each room is made of different design elements. These are the points of interest that define the room and, based on what you've told me, my vision for the room. Each one sets, and holds, the mood that fills the rooms.

Kitchen Renovation

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    One of the most important places in a home is the kitchen. Here is an example of a wonderful transformation. Originally, the kitchen had been separated from the breakfast room by a wall. Taking the wall out dramatically improved the flow of the two rooms. The windows, skylight, colors and other special touches added to the brightness and made it a wonderful space.

Staging - Home #1

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    Take an empty house, put it on the market and hope that potential buyers can imagine all the possibilities. Or, professional stage the same house. Show potential buyers the magic of the home. Fact. Only 10% of buyers can recognize the potential.

Staging - Home #2

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    Staging Experts of greater Louisville (SEL) knowledge of current buyers’ expectations leads to faster sales. According to SEL’s 2011 statistics, 84% of staged homes in greater Louisville spent an average of 16 days on the market before receiving a signed contract.

Staging - Home #3

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    With 90% or more of buyers viewing homes on-line to decide whether to visit, it is of the utmost importance to give your viewers a reason to make the drive to your home. Staging Experts are well aware of this fact and strive to assure your rooms will not only show well but also photograph well.
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